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The Jacked-O-Lantern Workout


7 Exercises You Can Do With a Pumpkin


Goblet Squat

Starting in a standing position with the legs slightly wider than the hips while holding on to your pumpkin, drop your hips back into a seated position. Position your body back up by squeezing your butt tight and keeping your back straight throughout the entire motion.


Russian Twists

Starting in a seated position with your back straight while holding on to your pumpkin, rotate your pumpkin from hip to hip while keeping your back straight and abs engaged. Make this exercise more difficult by elevating your feet off of the ground.



Start on your hands with your pumpkin placed between your hands with your back flat and core engaged. Maintain a rigid body position from upper body to lower body while you alternate tapping your pumpkin.


Overhead Press

Start holding your pumpkin at shoulder height. Tighten your butt and stomach while engaging your upper back and press the pumpkin overhead while maintaining that engaged position. Return to starting position by pulling the weight back to starting position.


Glute Bridge

While lying on your back with the knees bent and pumpkin on your pelvis, squeeze your butt and abs while raising your hips off the floor until your hips and knees are in line. Slowly lower the hips back toward the ground while keeping your back flat.


Push Ups

Start in a push up position on hands and toes with one hand on the pumpkin while the other hand is flat on the floor with elbow extended. Maintain back flat position with core engaged while you slowly lower your body to the ground by bending the elbows. Push yourself back up to starting position.


Toe Touches

Begin laying flat on your back with your stomach engaged. Raise your leg straight up while maintaining a back flat position. Touch your pumpkin to your toes and then lower back down to the ground

Dr. Jake Berman

Dr. Jake Berman

Jake graduated with highest honors from University of Florida, earning his Undergraduate Degree in Health Science. He went on to finish the University of Florida Physical Therapy Doctoral program. Following graduation, he practiced two years at Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy in Destin, FL, learning the complex philosophy of Primal Reflex Release Technique under Bob Seton. Before deciding to open his own practice, Dr. Berman furthered his education by practicing at Innovative Therapy Solutions in Jacksonville, FL, specializing in Functional Manual Therapy™ with Aaron Robles. A lifelong resident of Naples, Jake opened the doors of Berman Physical Therapy is the very proud father of two dogs, Yeti (the office therapy dog!) and Brady. When he's not spending time with his dogs or his beautiful wife, Jenni, you can find Jake golfing or spending time outdoors.
Dr. Jake Berman

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