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Weight gain and weakness is not a normal part of the aging process.

Abdominal Pain, Bloating, or other symptoms from Autoimmune Conditions are not a normal part of the aging process.

People who accept that weight gain and pain are a normal part of the aging process miss out on living their best life. We specialize in helping you lose weight, get back in shape, and conquer food sensitivities defying the aging process.

At Berman Health and Wellness we know you want to maintain an active lifestyle. In order to do that, you need nutrition and exercise coaching. We like to look at aging as just a number and we can age gracefully without the side effects that some think is “just part of it.”

We understand the frustration of missing out on your active healthy lifestyle due to weight gain, pain, or conditions which is why we’ve helped 100’s of people around the country lose weight, get in shape, and conquer food sensitivities and get back to living an active healthy lifestyle.

You can start by taking our Berman Method Questionnaire which can help you to identify your risk factors for several metabolic dysfunctions and abnormal gut health.

Here’s how we do it:

2. Choose a Plan of Care

3. Get back to living a pain free active life!

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Jenni Berman is a Certified Personal Trainer and Professional Nutrition Coach.

After graduating from Nova Southeastern University with a Master's of Physician Assistant Studies, Jenni Berman, PA-C, CPT, CNS, mentored with nationally known Functional Medicine Physician Dr. Cederquist in Naples, FL where she found her passion for helping individuals to get back in shape, reach their goal weight, and to keep feeling young through natural alternatives and without excessive exercise. Jenni found that individuals have "tried everything" except to dig deep into their metabolism and solve the ROOT cause of weight gain, abdominal pain, autoimmune diseases, and more!

Through the natural process of food, individuals can get back into a dress they haven't been able to wear for 7 years, reach and maintain a weight on the scale they haven't seen since before their wedding, enjoy Holiday meals without the abdominal pain and bloating, or get back into sports they haven't been able to play in years because of pain! Just remember... Your Gut is your second Brain and you CAN stay active, reach your goal weight, and keep feeling young!!




Bob lost 40 pounds in the initial three months of his weight loss journey WITHOUT MEDICATIONS or excess exercise!

He has now lost 65 pounds and counting. Bob has utilized his personalized meal plan to his fullest potential and now feels that he has the ability to exercise without discomfort. He is seeing numbers on the scale that he "hasn't seen in years" and "cannot remember the last time he weighed that!" Bob has also been able to reduce his blood pressure and cholesterol medications!



Michelle has lost 22 pounds and has MAINTAINED this weight loss for over six months WITHOUT MEDICATIONS and with limited exercise!! 

Michelle identified a food sensitivity which was largely inhibiting her metabolism. With an adjustment of her food intake to eliminate her food sensitivity and healing her gut, she noticed a drastic improvement in her metabolism, energy level, sleep, and pain!



Don lost 33.2 pounds in his initial 12 weeks with dietary changes, WITHOUT MEDICATIONS, and WITHOUT excessive exercise!!

Don went on to lose a total of 41.2 pounds and has now maintained this weight loss for over three months. He worked one-on-one with a nutritionist to personalize a food regimen that works for him. Don has seen an improvement in his cholesterol, energy level, and sleep. He has been able to add in strength training exercise which he was unable to do prior. He has even been able to stop some of his heart medications due to the improvement of his weight and cholesterol! He is happy that he can still have his regular ice cream!!



By scheduling an Initial Consultation with our Physician Assistant, Jenni Berman, we can go through a thorough medical history to identify the right treatment plan for you. We often will evaluate through blood testing, gut health, and extensive questionnaires to get a true understanding of your metabolism, immune system, and gut health. Then, we will personalize a treatment plan for you and get you feeling the best you have ever imagined. All of our Wellness Programs and treatment plans are Individualized to YOU.

We understand You!

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Healthy Lifestyle
Healthy Lifestyle

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