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What The Heck Is Wrong With My Knee?

Knee Pain

Dr. Berman again with some CRUCIAL information!

Here’s something we hear a lot in the office:

“I had to stop playing golf/tennis because my knee bothers me so much!”

“What is that sharp sensation in the front of my knee?”

“Why does my knee feel like it’s going to give out?”

“Why did my friend’s knee get better and mine didn’t?”

“Am I going to have to have a knee replacement?”

With the knee being one of highest rates of joint replacements in the country, it would explain why people would have those concerns.

The two most common causes of knee problems are hip weakness and a lack of full knee extension. Fun fact: people in third world countries RARELY have knee problems!

Watch the attached video to find out the reason why that is AND to find out more details on exactly which hip muscle I was talking about earlier.

Knee Pain Report
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