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Episode 6: Why Is The Physical Pillar The Most Neglected Part Of The Game?

Long Balls Golf Podcast
Episode 6: Why Is The Physical Pillar The Most Neglected Part Of The Game?

Long Balls Golf Podcast
Episode 6: Why Is The Physical Pillar The Most Neglected Part Of The Game?

(1:30) Recap of the past episodes, mainly the 4 pillars of golf!

(2:00) If you want optimal performance you should have equal and optimal pillars (Technical Mental, Physical, Strategic)

(2:30) Most ammeter golfers focus on their technical pillar, and we need to put that aside for now. Why?

(3:40) The Mental Pillar is the hardest 6 inches in golf (behind the ears).

(4:20) The mental pillar is what sets aside the Pros from amateurs…

(5:30) Most coaches want their golfers who are 50, 60  and 70 years old to get in these specific positions, but simply can’t due to their physical limitations, and that’s where we come in! 

(6:00) The physical pillar is the most neglected pillar in the golf game! 

(7:30) Most golf coaches are looking for a quick fix, ultimately fixing one problem and creating another.. 

(10:00) How do we get our players to move the way they are supposed to?

(10:45) Once your Physical attributes are solid then your golf pros can actually fix your game how they want too! 

(11:30) At our recent group program at Bears Paw the golf pro said he was amazed because he had never seen his  golfers move so well, which correlated to better golf!

(12:00) Once you start improving your physical side it’s going to lead into everything else.

(13:50) A $5,000 set of clubs will not change your game without fixing your body!

(14:40) Start working on your body!

(19:00) It’s not until we show the golfers we work with what they are missing when they realize what the problem is in their game and then we attack it! Which leads to the best feeling  when they come back to us saying they can play 36 holes in a row, win club championships, and even just take all their friends’ money! 

(20:00) Get your competitive edge back! 

(22:18) Listen to your body, when you can finish a round without pain or soreness you will hit the ball farther, the ball will go straighter because you are using your body better! 

24:00) Stay tuned for upcoming podcast, and to find out more about Berman Golf visit us at www.bermangolf.com and make sure to check us out on all social media platforms and make sure to subscribe! 

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