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Episode 51: An Ounce Of Prevention!

The Berman Method Podcast
Episode 51: An Ounce Of Prevention!

The Berman Method Podcast
Episode 51: An Ounce Of Prevention!

(2:00) We treat Problems, NOT Symptoms!

(2:25) The corporate medical system is broken! 

(3:00) Today we are going to talk about Perception Vs. Reality! 

(5:00) You might be perceiving that you are doing your workouts correctly, however from an objective standpoint it’s not quite there!

(5:30) The key to living pain free is 100% efficiency..

(5:40) When you have equal support on all sides of the joint there should be no pain

(7:00) The number one most common cause of knee pain is Glute weakness, Which leads to improper loading to the knee!

(7:50) Why is the knee problem happening to begin with? And why is it just one knee and not the other? 

(10:00) An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.. But no one wants to put in the work.

(11:00) If the problem is out of sight out of mind then something bad is going to happen down the road..

(15:45) Is there anything you should do differently.

(16:20) Everyone can benefit from a small tweak even if you don’t think you need it. Why lose the quality of life? 

(16:50) The easiest time to fix something is before it starts to hurt, and the longer you have been living with the pain, the longer it will take to fix..

(17:30) Even if you feel 100% right now, what if there was one little thing we could tweak right now to make you feel 10x better!

(18:00) Is an ounce of prevention worth it? Think about it…

(19:15) Email us for any questions/comments or concerns and If you want more information check out our website at www.bermanpt.com or follow us on all social media platforms!


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Berman Physical Therapy is a physical therapy clinic in Naples, FL. Founded by Dr. Jake Berman, PT, DPT, Berman Physical Therapy’s mission is to help people aged 50+ keep ACTIVE and FREE of pain medications…even when their doctors and kids are telling them to “just take it easy!” Our specialists use rare Functional Manual Therapy techniques to find natural solutions to pain—without prescribing addictive painkillers or recommending dangerous surgeries. Maintain the active lifestyle you deserve.

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