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Pool Exercises



Hip Abduction

Standing while holding on to the side of the pool, with leg slightly behind other leg, lift leg straight out to the side.


Mini Squats

Holding on to the side of the pool while standing with your feet directly under your hips, squeeze your butt and slowly drop your hips back while slowly bending your knees to lower your body.


Leg Curls

While keeping your hips and shoulders in line, bring your heel to your backside. Make this exercise more challenging with a pool noodle.



With your feet directly under your hips and back straight, alternate driving your knee up in front of you.


Hip Extension

Standing while holding on to the side of the pool, with the leg completely straight, bring it back behind you and squeeze your butt


Step Ups

Use the pool steps for the exercise and practice keeping your leg straight while stepping up with the opposite leg. Keep your core engaged throughout.



Step forward with one leg, lowering your hips until both knees are bent at about a 90 degree angle. Gently scull the water for balance and keep the core engaged.


Jumping Jacks

Move your arms and legs together all the way out and all the way in while keeping your back straight.


Squat Jumps

Sit back into a squat and then explosively leap into the air while extending your arms overhead.



Aquatic jogging is a lot easier on the joints and gentle sculling can aid in balance. Make sure you squeeze your stomach and butt tight while engaging in this exercise.

Dr. Jake Berman

Dr. Jake Berman

Jake graduated with highest honors from University of Florida, earning his Undergraduate Degree in Health Science. He went on to finish the University of Florida Physical Therapy Doctoral program. Following graduation, he practiced two years at Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy in Destin, FL, learning the complex philosophy of Primal Reflex Release Technique under Bob Seton. Before deciding to open his own practice, Dr. Berman furthered his education by practicing at Innovative Therapy Solutions in Jacksonville, FL, specializing in Functional Manual Therapy™ with Aaron Robles. A lifelong resident of Naples, Jake opened the doors of Berman Physical Therapy is the very proud father of two dogs, Yeti (the office therapy dog!) and Brady. When he's not spending time with his dogs or his beautiful wife, Jenni, you can find Jake golfing or spending time outdoors.
Dr. Jake Berman

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