Frequently Asked Questions About Our Physical Therapy

Is physical therapy right for my problem?

Does physical therapy hurt?

What injuries do you treat?

How will physical therapy help my injury?

Do I need a referral?

 What should I wear?

Can I bring someone with me?

How often will I need treatment?

Frequently Asked Questions About  Wellness

What will in-person training provide me?

What if I am a Virtual Personal Training Client?

What will PA-Fit Provide me?

How often are the workouts?

Am I held Accountable?

What happens after the first 6 weeks?

Is there a meal plan?

Do I need equipment for PA-Fit?

Do I need a fitness center?

Can I do this with orthopedic limitations?

How do I get started?

Will I “Bulk Up”?

How much fat will I lose?

Can I talk with the trainer?

Can I watch PA-Fit on an iPad, TV, or iPhone?

Is there a contract?

What is my target heart rate?

Do I have to take supplements?

Will I be taught how to exercise?

What skill level is this for?

How long are the exercises?

How do I start?