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PA-Fit is an online exercise program to be completed in the comfort of your own home or in a fitness facility. This is a six week program designed to get you comfortable with exercising, teach proper techniques, increase muscle tone, burn fat, improve heart disease, mood, and much more!

This program will provide you with daily knowledge from exercise expert, Jenni Berman, to make your exercise routine successful. PA-Fit will teach you proper technique and form for the most effective exercises.  In addition, you will receive a daily exercise routine to perform to make your weight loss and fitness journey fun, comfortable, and victorious!

Each day will focus on a different muscle group. Each week will build on the previous week to increase effort level, intensity, and strength. New exercises will be reviewed and re-reviewed throughout the six week program.

The exercise team will be available for your support, questions, concerns, and/or feedback throughout the six week commitment. We encourage you to reach out to the team!

You will have UNLIMITED access to the workout videos and workouts!

PA-Fit will provide you ALL of the key components to your fitness journey!

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  • 1 Week of Exercise Videos
  • 1 Week of Workouts
  • 1 Week of Key Knowledge for your Exercise Journey
  • 1 Week access to your Exercise Expert