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Manual Physical Therapy.


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We help people aged 50+ keep active and free of pain meds
even if their doctors and kids are telling them to "just take it easy."

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We help people aged 50+ keep active and free of pain meds even if their doctors and kids are telling them to "just take it easy."

Office Policies & Procedures

Welcome and thank you for choosing Berman Physical Therapy for your Physical Therapy needs. Florida currently allows direct access to outpatient physical therapy services for up to 30 consecutive days. If your treatment should exceed 30 days, Florida Law and the State of Florida Physical Therapy Board require patients to have a written referral from a licensed medial professional (MD, DO, DDS, ARNP, PA, DPM, DC). It is, and will be, your responsibility to obtain a referral should your treatment exceed 30 days.

As a courtesy to our therapists and other patients trying to schedule, we require a 24-hour (or greater) notice for cancellations. This allows others on waiting lists to be seen. Only emergencies or illnesses are excusable at the discretion of BPT. A cost of your scheduled appointment will be billed upon violation of this policy

privacy policy

I understand that Berman Physical Therapy, LLC will maintain my privacy to the highest standards and may use or disclose my personal health information for the purposes of carrying out treatment, obtaining payment, evaluating the quality of services provided and any administrative operations related to treatment or payment.

consent to treatment

Berman Physical Therapy is a hands-on Physical Therapy clinic. Though highly specialized, treatment consists primarily of manual therapy techniques and various treatment forms that are published or otherwise publicly known. The modalities used for each individual patient may include, but are not limited to, forms of manual traction, deep tissue massage, therapeutic exercise programs, gait training, neuromuscular re-education, myofascial release, bone and soft tissue manipulation. Some of the hands-on treatment techniques require deep pressure which may cause bruising and periods of increased soreness which may last from 1-72 hours. Symptoms may also change and move to other parts of the body. This is not unusual and is rarely a concern, however, please ask if you have any concerns or questions. The number of treatments needed and recovery time can vary due to various contributing factors such as the age of injury, number of times injured, age of patient and others.

I have read and fully understand the above statements. I understand the nature of the treatments at Berman Physical Therapy, LLC. I authorize Jake Berman PT, DPT and the fully trained staff to use treatment techniques as deemed necessary for my safe and effective recovery.